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Total Eclipse

~ Life After "Bittersweet Symphony"~

Total Eclipse ~ Life After "Bittersweet Symphony"
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Here is the story of the next generation after the characters who were written about at Lithium & Lacrymosa in the story "Bittersweet Symphony". These are their children and this is their saga of their trials and tribulations through life and love.

Many of them grew up knowing each other, thus they are all closely linked together by friendship and family bonds (and some even by love). And while a few have become cops [as their parents are] in a different part of the city of Lithia, others have spread with their talents while the younger ones are making their way through school.

However, with such happiness and peace there is always darkness creeping a far from the light....

The struggle for love and life is never-ending, it seems, for any generation.

***Ok, there is going to be much slash, much drama, and graphic violence. Don't like or can't handle, then this isn't for you then is it? No - thought so.***

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